Sunday, July 6, 2008

Off I go, into the wild blue yonder

Well the day is here and I'm off to the center of our Country, the focus of every news show we watch, yes you guessed it..Toronto! birthplace and the epicenter of all that is Canadian. Home to my father, brothers and my son. As a special treat, I'll also be enjoying my fathers birthday on this trip so that will make it all the more special. I'll get to see Mark, my little world traveler and of course my brothers Tedd and Rick and the entire family, kids, grandkids (not mine) because my brothers are way older than me and with luck sampling lots of Anna's home cooking and some homemade pizza and calzones that Rick makes. Mark will finally get to meet his grandfather, whom he hasn't seen since he learned to walk, which he did at Pappa's house so very many years ago. It should be fun, I'll try and get lotsa pics. I don't know if I'll be updating while I'm gone but we'll see how it goes. I miss Lynn and the boys already. Type atcha all soon.

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