Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nephews and Niece and an assortment of kids, oh my!

Slowly but surely I am settling in for my holiday, getting used to reading actual papers, several of them and quite thick too. Hearing english all around me with just a smattering of Italian to even things out. Slowly but surely my nephews and niece make their way to their parents house and along with them come a gaggle of kids. It's so nice to see them all, boy have they ever grown and funnily enough they don't seem older to me. They all love the new pool, it's the perfect size and depth for kids learning how to swim and the adults who are there to watch over them. Even Miko seems to have a spring in his step when they're around but that's mainly to avoid them as best he can. I took a pile of pictures, including the birdhouse that they've got that is currently occupied by a very busy couple of sparrows. All is peaceful and serene but oh so warm and humid. Anna's flower bed is beautiful and Rick has done a wonderful job of laying stones down around the pool and walkways.

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