Monday, September 17, 2007

Children on the move

We just heard that our oldest son, Mark, is moving to Toronto, funny how I left Toronto, to live in Edmonton and Mark is now moving there. Well, he'll only be an eleven hour drive from us from there so it should be interesting. That leaves us with two sons in Edmonton. The news here, is now talking about a labor shortage in the trades, due to upcoming and ongoing retirements as well as the exodus to Alberta. It's going to get interesting I think, in the next few years to see what transpires.

I cannot tell a lie

As Abraham Lincoln said, so does Lynn. She is a wood chopping machine! We have been cleaning up the assorted woodpiles that had been left behind by the previous occupants of this house and boy did they leave a pile of wood. She's been cutting and splitting and hauling and filling the basement wood room. We've ordered yet more wood for winter and boy does the new wood stove pump out the heat. I bought a tarp big enough to cover the woodworking shop, so it's a little big for covering our woodpile and I've never said that bigger is better but it gives us room to expand.

100% Done

The kitchen is finally finished! With the addition of the pantry and the light, it's all done and looking good! And No, you can never have enough spices :)