Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Small Town?...How Small?

Howard, our town is so small, Google barely knows it exists, preferring to say we are near Beresford..the small town next door! So sorry, no satellite pictures for you.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Raising our Carbon Footprint..yet again...

First we flew the boys out here for a vacation burning fossil fuels as only Air Canada with its multi-connection flights to the east coast can do, and then once they were gone we got down to the dirty job of cleaning up the mess left over from our rear deck renovation from last year or was it the year before? Time flies when you're retired. Three hundred bucks for the rental of a dumpster...eighty bucks for nine paving stones and a little bit of gasoline and whoosh...problem solved...sorry Greenpeace...we tried...we really tried....

Home Renovation Tax Credit At Work!

Who says the Conservatives can't help out us old retired folk? We saved the price of almost one whole set of stairs! We didn't do it for the savings, we did it because of the snow...now we only have to shovel the tiny bit by the side stairs and we can ignore the rest..Woot!...Woot!