Sunday, November 25, 2007

A New Friend

I think Odo and Loki would like Duane's new walking partner, here's hoping his wifes foot quickly. No more smoking on the loading dock...that sucks...oh wait...I'm not there anymore :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We Win! Winter arrived here first....yuk

If you can call it a win, we woke up to my first winter here, and I promised to go to Timmy’s for coffee and donuts for Lynn.  So before she woke up, the dogs and I made our way on the long trek to Tim’s.  It’s almost a kilometer away after all :) We all enjoyed the treat, even the dogs.  The squirrel didn’t look too happy with the overnight snowfall.  Now, if only I had put up the Christmas lights before this happened.  Hopefully, the rest of you will soon join us in the winter wonderland and I better not hear any “I told you so’s” from the cheap seats.


Mark & Lynn

Bird Lovers Only Rescue: May I have this dance?

This is just too funny, thanks Deb!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Testing the new camera

Shots taken from the dining room out to the side yard.

Lasagna Part 2

Well, I have to admit that even after the dog disaster, the lasagna was wicked, or should I say is wicked since we are still eating it!  It takes two people much longer to eat a big lasagna pan compared to having a large family :)  Still it is very very good.  Now I'm going to have to keep wine in stock.  We aren't big wine drinkers, well, I don't drink and Lynn drinks very little and not usually wine.  Ah well, we need beer too for the fish batter so I guess you can't go completely cold turkey on the booze.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I'm going to try and replicate my mother in laws sea food  lasagna today.  We picked up all of the ingredients yesterday, twice.  The first time Odo and Loki decided that they too liked seafood even if it was frozen, so we had to go back and buy more.  This is going to be the worlds most expensive lasagna.  Shrimp, crab, lobster, mozzarella, what's not to like?  I'll let everyone know how it goes.

Old Friends

Ok, maybe not old but good friends, after being retired from work for five months, I am still finding it hard to adjust to being cut off from old friends that I used to talk to daily.  We are all caught up in our lives but the one place we could always connect at some point or other was work.  Now that I don't work and live thousands of kilometers away from my old haunts you find yourself missing it all a bit.  I get the odd email now and again from a few of them, I'm on a couple of jokes lists but those were irritating enoough when I worked for a living.  I try and make a point of sending out an email to them all now and again and occasionally I hear back.  Ron who just retired, doesn't have a computer so I can't get to him in any way shape or form online, I may have to resort to snail mail.  Deb just emailed me, what a surprise that was, we shared a lot in our short time together workwise.  I hope things are going well for her, she deserves a break.  We heard from Lexine, Lynn talked to her for two hours the other night.  Boy she has been a busy camper and so positive and upbeat no matter what life throws her way.  She has been a delight, why she even loaned us her house for our wedding, doesn't get much better  than that.  Sounds like her and Paul are enjoying their new digs.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Treats but no Tricks?

Halloween has come and gone and we are going to be eating goodies until next halloween. Three kids dressed up like the latest teen sensation came by and that was it! Apparently we live too far from the beaten track to get many kids. Our neighbors have a baby, maybe we'll have to wait for him to grow up to improve our numbers :)