Thursday, November 8, 2007

Old Friends

Ok, maybe not old but good friends, after being retired from work for five months, I am still finding it hard to adjust to being cut off from old friends that I used to talk to daily.  We are all caught up in our lives but the one place we could always connect at some point or other was work.  Now that I don't work and live thousands of kilometers away from my old haunts you find yourself missing it all a bit.  I get the odd email now and again from a few of them, I'm on a couple of jokes lists but those were irritating enoough when I worked for a living.  I try and make a point of sending out an email to them all now and again and occasionally I hear back.  Ron who just retired, doesn't have a computer so I can't get to him in any way shape or form online, I may have to resort to snail mail.  Deb just emailed me, what a surprise that was, we shared a lot in our short time together workwise.  I hope things are going well for her, she deserves a break.  We heard from Lexine, Lynn talked to her for two hours the other night.  Boy she has been a busy camper and so positive and upbeat no matter what life throws her way.  She has been a delight, why she even loaned us her house for our wedding, doesn't get much better  than that.  Sounds like her and Paul are enjoying their new digs.

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