Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yet More Snow!

We finally managed to get them all lying in one place for a second, so that we can all appreciate Christmas. Lynn and I will take one of ourselves shortly (after I get the bedhead gone). We have another snowstorm coming so our Christmas festivities are going to be postponed until Friday, hopefully the highway will be drivable by then.

Got the kids, eco-friendly Christmas email's off, and after fussing and fighting with PayPal, I managed to get their kissmas moolah sent. BestBuy won't let you pay for something to be picked up in the store by someone else, I can see their point but it's frustrating. One good thing out of all of the fussing is I got to speak to Mark and Jonathan :)

Good news, Dad is home from the hospital and apparently is feeling much better. We'll call Rick & Anna tomorrow to speak with him.

Enjoy the dogs, we do and have a good and safe Christmas for all of you and your loved ones too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We survived the latest snowstorm to hit the Maritimes, a good thing we got that snowblowing contractor signed up. It's been so cold the snowblower is frozen and we're gonna hafta start a fire in the garage to thaw it out so I can blow the other areas the big snow machine can't reach. The wind has been wicked and has frayed our flag which is a first for us. It's -21 with the windchill which makes moving around there difficult at best. We did all of our shopping on sunday to avoid the storm but then so did everyone else, took forever to check out at the stores.

Trying to get the dogs to behave for their Christmas pictures has been a pain but we'll get it done hopefully today.

K, off to put more wood on the fire...take care, have a good Christmas and stay warm!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I can't believe it

Time just flies by, it seems. We're heading towards Christmas, the tree is sitting on the living room floor waiting to be put up. Our retraining the puppy to accept his place in the pack is moving along slowly. Loki enjoys being the leader of the pack, Odo seems resigned to his place on the bottom but Jake seems a little less interested in giving up being number one dog, we'll see how it goes.

I think one of the reasons time goes by so quickly around here is because doctors appointments are spread out all over the place. It seems like hardly a week goes by one of us isn't at the doctor or the hospital. Things work differently down here, all tests and specialists are housed at the hospital in Bathurst, so we spend a lot of time going there for tests n such. But everything moves at a slow pace. Doctors go on holidays, files don't get forwarded, it can all be a little frustrating at times.

The followup to my medical adventures in Toronto continues, I have now seen the respirologist and he has determined that I have only sixty percent lung capacity. I go in for a TB test next week to see if the spots on my lungs are related to TB exposure from when I was working. Other than that they are monitoring the size of one spot on my lungs to see if it is growing or not. If it is growing they will then do a biopsy to see what is up.

We put snow tires on the truck and thanks to GM ingenuity, we no longer have the tire pressure checker function working. I guess it only works with their rims or something...oh well, just have to watch the tires.

The snow blower is tuned up, cables are tightened and only one more bolt to tighten and we are all set for the snow.

Christmas will be at the brother in-laws this year, everyone is looking forward to having a dishwasher available for the after dinner cleanup.

If I don't get back on here b4 Christmas, I hope all of you reading this have a great holiday and eat lots of goodies for me!