Friday, May 2, 2014

Woodpecker having fun with dogs

The nerve, sitting on the eavestrough and tapping out his little tune....making the dogs crazier than they normally

Monday, May 20, 2013

This Blog vs Facebook

I spend a lot of time online and although this blog is handy when I really want to expound on something...Facebook seems to work faster in some it seems, I have to post in two different locations and this one tends to suffer...but I'll try to update this one now and again...hopefully I won't be as lax a I have been.


Birds, I used to laugh at old folks feeding the we call them doves...but occasionally you get real pigeons showing up, and compared to the doves they look like chickens...

 Now I realize I should have a picture of a
 Yellow Finch...also not a Dove
 Goes without saying...our Nemesis...but he doesn't bug the birds so he gets to live
 The smallest Woodpecker that visits us

I guess, I can't laugh at the old folks anymore, I've become one...

Signs of Spring

 Lillies poking through the dirt in the front flower bed...
 A new Rose bush amongst the older ones in the diamond
 Geraniums and Zinnias in their pots
The Yellow bush whose name eludes me, but I bought another one to plant somewhere too since it's the first bush to flower anywhere on our property.

Grass...the weed...

Our ditches didn't come out of winter all that well, ok I say ditches but they're not there anymore...but winter with it's salt n dirt took it's toll...Lynn says it will come back...I remember the little tractors in Edmonton, with the brushes cleaning the boulevards...I of course, don't have one of those...hopefully it will perk back up again....I have a lot of grass seed I bought for the back of the property, I may reseed the front as well...

Perhaps, I should just get raking....


Spring has finally sprung around here, which of course always means, what renovation will get done this year?  We had just paid off last years reno's, the bedroom and bathroom, so we thought we'd coast this year.  Ha!  What do you mean your well is having the next few days we will be living out of water bottles while we get the well drilled deeper, which of course meant removing the front steps so the machine can get at the well.  It was obviously drilled before the house was here originally, now, well the house is just in the way...of course it is...hopefully we don't lose the cedar tree which is beside the well, cause if we do, then we'll have to lose the other one too or come up with some landscaping that will keep it by itself...getting this done is way more expensive than getting your brakes done but the idea is the same.  It's a cost that although it's necessary, it's not something that you see, like a tv or a car or a tractor....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reno's and ditches

Someone asked about the ditches...well here they are slowly getting covered with grass...ignore the idiot whose shadow is showing......also, the finished shingling job, which I neglected to post....