Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yet More Snow!

We finally managed to get them all lying in one place for a second, so that we can all appreciate Christmas. Lynn and I will take one of ourselves shortly (after I get the bedhead gone). We have another snowstorm coming so our Christmas festivities are going to be postponed until Friday, hopefully the highway will be drivable by then.

Got the kids, eco-friendly Christmas email's off, and after fussing and fighting with PayPal, I managed to get their kissmas moolah sent. BestBuy won't let you pay for something to be picked up in the store by someone else, I can see their point but it's frustrating. One good thing out of all of the fussing is I got to speak to Mark and Jonathan :)

Good news, Dad is home from the hospital and apparently is feeling much better. We'll call Rick & Anna tomorrow to speak with him.

Enjoy the dogs, we do and have a good and safe Christmas for all of you and your loved ones too.

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