Saturday, July 26, 2008

Of Fathers and Sons

As I said, my father hasn't changed much at all other than the grey and being a little thinner than I remember. He cooks himself breakfast most mornings, eggs n sausage some blood pudding and drinks a couple of cups of coffee. He gets up about the same time as I do around 0500hrs and likes to have a nap in the afternoon. He has a new girlfriend Catherine who has a brand new Camry, I'm not sure if he likes her or the car better but she lets him drive it whenever they're together. They do the casino and racetrack and the occasional meal together. Dad still drives like he's been doing it his whole life even in the hustle and bustle of traffic in TO. He still dreams of winning the big one and if he does, he wants an F150. He likes the idea of being up high and surrounded by steel. He lost a hearing aid while playing golf, inadvertently missing his pocket when he went to put it in his pocket. But he takes it in stride, something he does with pretty much everything. If you look up easy going in the dictionary, his picture would be staring back at you. It's hard to believe that he's 82. He still offers plenty of advice on life and love and his take on all of it is quite amusing. We went to visit Mom's grave, prior to the strike thank goodness and he replaced her flowers. I don't think he visits as often as he used to but I think that's to be expected and besides, I think that you can remember her just a well anywhere and not just there.

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