Saturday, December 1, 2007

Things to do in Retirement

It's funny, the things you find time to do when you are retired. You can read as many newspapers as you like online, take the time to smell the roses and of course write as many letters to the editor as you like without worrying about violating any rules. It's very enjoyable venting to the editor, not that it really has any affect but it sure makes you feel better :) I often wonder why the pollsters never call me or Lynn but given the results of most of these polls I can see why. If you're curious about what I have to say, see the following link

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Tori said...

Bones, you are so far away but I swear...I smell you! It STINKS in here! LOL! Glad to see you're enjoying your retirement and I hope the old blue pills are treating you well:-) Miss you lots!