Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day!

Well, we survived our first Christmas in NB. We had dinner at the in-laws, a wonderful turkey, and lots of taters n stuff, even fresh cranberries! We spent a wonderful day and then came home by suppertime to feed the hounds and crash. We opened our presents, and everything worked except for a game I bought for Lynn. She got a wicked chainsaw and a rotary cutting tool kit. I got the external flash for the new camera and now I've got another manual to read, boy does it ever stop? We then watched a football game (we've become addicted to the realism of high def) and even I am enjoying watching the games, Lynn is still teaching me everything there is to know about football but I am getting better.

Boxing day here is much different than in Edmonton, nothing is open here, ok, some things were open but I didn't want to go to those places. We got the truck washed, picked up some milk and came home. Good enough, no crowds, no traffic so it wasn't all bad and we were even second in line at the car wash! Hope Christmas went well for everyone, and hopefully our Christmas cards made it in time.

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