Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Fair Time!

It was time for the annual Charlo Fall Fair and we were looking forward to it but wouldn't you know it, our baby, our lovely Equinox was having a hiccup starting, not your usual dead battery kinda hiccup but something weird. Being so mechanically inclined, I let Lynn open the hood while I wandered around trying to find the battery charger. Lynn found it and hooked it up and the truck started dutifully a minute later. We'll have to investigate this further but now, it's off to the fair!

We picked up Mom and headed to the restaurant and sat at a large table since we were expecting more people. When they didn't show, we moved to a smaller table and then after we were all set up, everybody else showed up so we dutifully moved back to the big table. Kind of like an old time square dance with tables n chairs instead. Dinner was great although it took forever to get the food, this being fair time after all and the place was packed.

We headed off to the fair, oohed and ahhed at the bees (one of the honeycombs from a beekeepers hive), they are so industrious and could care less if we stared at them while they worked. There were full sized motorcycles made out of wood, fudge and cotton candy, german sausages and bugs in plastic for keychains and paperweights n stuff. It's quite the eclectic mix of things, and everyone kept running into people they knew, even though it is becoming a big deal, it still retains all of its hometown charm. Oh and you would not believe the number of bongs and pipes and containers for illicit goods that were for sale, funny thing was, all the people selling them were old but did have the look of old hippies about them :)

All in all, it was a great night, we came home and passed out almost right away, but we had to deal with the three furry dervishes first, who acted like we had been gone for years. I'm already looking forward to next years fair!

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