Friday, September 5, 2008

How time flies

Prior to going to Toronto, I had a hard drive failing and since returning from my extended holiday, I have been going through the process of restoring a lot of my data and that has delayed a lot of my updates here. Now that things have settled down and I have most of my data restored, things should be improving.

The asphalt was finally laid and we now have our patio back in working order which has been nice. The damage done to the lawn has been repaired for the most part. We just have to wait for some extended rain to lay down grass seed. With the upcoming storms in the Atlantic we may not have long to wait.

I have completed the tests ordered by my doctor to followup things that may have been discovered by doctors in Toronto. Now the waiting begins. If I hear nothing from the doctor then everything is ok. Here's hoping that I don't hear from her.

They found that Lynn has a hyperactive thyroid (now all that work makes sense) and is on medication to slow it down. We are still waiting to see how that works.

We are looking forward to going to the fall fair up in Charlo. I didn't go last year but this year, I am gonna drag Lynn and mom to each and every table to see what home town goodies we can find.

Jake is growing like a weed and is a not so little tornado as he moves about butting in to everyone's business. He likes to carry food bowls out into the yard so he must be watched at every opportunity. He may be mischievous but he is so adorable it almost makes it forgivable. He really doesn't like the wait command but is getting better and better at it. Better with food than with allowing you to go down the stairs before him. He bosses his brothers around at every opportunity but unlike them, see's no reason to bark at strangers, birds, butterflies, neighbors, ghosts or anything else his brothers bark at. He does, however, like to watch them bark. He loves the water and the hose and the shower, he swims like a little fish and retrieves anything that is thrown, giving it up to you after he retrieves it, is still a bit of an issue but he is getting better.

My father had a mini stroke but appears to be fine, he was supposed to go for more tests but I still haven't heard the results. Like anything involving doctors, I am sure that it will take some time to get the results.

We still follow the news from Edmonton and I still get email alerts involving EPS, it's always good to keep abreast of what's going on in our other home province. We hear occasionally from folks out there and it's always nice to hear from them. It's a shame that Ron doesn't have internet on his farm, I would love to chat at him but c'est la vie.

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