Friday, September 12, 2008

The fair and birthdays

The Charlo fair was everything I expected and more. It was small, which was nice, not too much walking involved, they had lots of neat stuff, plenty of home made goodies, including fresh honey and they even had a glass enclosed hive to look at. Man there were a lot of bees in there and very busily working I might add. The magician at the fair was too funny in a hometown kinda way, he had the wizards cloak and a fakir's hat and was funny in both languages. We didn't stay for the singers but what I heard of them as we were walking to the truck was very good. It was a showcase of local talent and if we could have stayed I'm sure we would have enjoyed it.

Steve's birthday bash at Mom's was good, the food (homemade chinese) was good as it always is. Lynn took a bunch of pictures, I've only included the ones with me, since I'm so shy and Lynn of course managed to avoid being in any don't u think?

We erected the fence and laid down topsoil to repair the damage done by the trucks when we had the patio done..hopefully we'll get some rain to help with the new growth.

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