Saturday, June 21, 2008

Busy busy

Boy has it ever been busy around here lately, Lynn dug out all of the old deck supports and replaced them with teleposts, she is now staining the new stairs for the rear deck while we wait for the weather to clear so that the asphalt guys can come and lay down the asphalt. We ordered four cords of wood (enough to get us through the winter) and we have managed to put away three loads. We took Jake in for his neutering and boy what a difference, the vet here does not keep the dog for hours after the operation, so you get him when he can't walk and is way dopey. We managed it but boy was he ever out of it for a while there, kinda like Bambi. He is way better now, and up to all of his old tricks including fighting with his brothers. We are supposed to keep him calm for a few days but that's like bottling up lightning! Gas here is getting up to 1.40 a litre so we're thinking of getting a moped :) Everything is blooming again, it's wonderful, the ducks are still here but we haven't seen any little ones yet. Our Starling had her babies and now she is trying to teach all of them how to feed but they seem bent on following her and getting her to feed them. We gave away our fish tank and now the living room looks huge, ok not so huge with three dogs in it but still a lot more room. We also took down the flagpole and now Mr Lazy has to scrape off the old paint and repaint it, thank goodness for the rain. I think that just about covers it for now.

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