Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Liberals have nothing on us

I know, I know, since we hail from the Conservative Province of Alberta, just typing Liberals makes me shake :) However, since we live in a Liberal stronghold now (even though we still vote PC) we feel it is our duty to invest within our community, creating sustainable jobs etc etc...and anything that makes my lawn cutting duties easier, is just icing on the cake. We decided to fill in the ditches in front of our property, to save my blood and sweat for more important things. Howard, if you still read this, you should have warned me about ditches! A couple of phone calls, some high tech financial wizardry and before you can say "hey! you need a permit!" We were off and running so to speak. Roy Excavation was hired to do the work and what can we say? A reasonable price, excellent attention to detail, competent and friendly workers, timely completion of the task, I would heartily recommend Norman (the owner) and his company in a heartbeat. See below for our adventures in landscaping :)

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