Monday, November 23, 2009

It's official, I'm an addict!

As if I didn't have enough things to occupy my time in retirement...oh wait I don't...I've discovered Facebook games. Much to the chagrin of most of my family and friends who don't play games on Facebook it's apparent that I'm hooked, between my RollerCoaster simulation and farming in Farmville, I'm tending a Zoo, running a mafioso family and roaming the streets at night as a vampire. Good thing Lynn hasn't noticed, she's too busy tending her own farm, aquarium and zoo :) Worse yet, Lynn went to Ottawa for a few days and I've had to tend not only my crops, my fish, fight my battles with the mafia and vampires, but I've also had to do hers as well. But the dogs are fed, the poop is picked up and I'm running a load of laundry as I type, so all is not lost. Tomorrow we're driving down to St. John to see my old partner Mark Knoop (now withVancouver), I'm looking forward to the drive and seeing him, it has been a looooong time, maybe he'll be fat...oh wait, he's travelling with the torch bearer for the Olympics, so I guess not. I just realized that sentence is almost as long as one of Sarah Palin's. Sheesh

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