Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

His first swim in the Bay Of Chaleur for this year and of course he loved it!

Our squirrel trap arrived finally, so hopefully we'll get back to having a garage where we can store the bird seed n stuff.  They even tried to chew through the top of a gas can if you can believe it.

Mark and Jonathan will be here in less than a month, that'll be fun.  Mark's moving from Toronto to Vancouver prior to coming here, I guess he just wanted to be on a plane that much longer :)  I hope he stops in to see his grandfather, if he's in Toronto, before he goes.

We got Gaston Gavroche(ok, not his real last name), out to give us some quotes, we'd like to rearrange the stairs on both decks so that they exit the side rather than the front, but apparently both decks (the front is worse) are in bad shape so they will both likely have to be replaced.  We also had him take a look at the bathroom, we'd like the bathtub taken out and a sit down shower put in, as well as fix the leak in the main floor bathroom shower.  God knows, when you get some income tax money back, you have to spend it!!

I have to go in for more tests, apparently my lone kidney is not doing it's job properly or something, so more ultrasounds, peeing n stuff to come...oh joy....I have been drinking more water though, I'm almost up to five glasses a week :)  I'm gonna have to try a little harder, I think.

With the renovations to come we will be getting closer yet to our dream of a much easier to maintain property.  We took down the split rail fence between us and the neighbors, which will make cutting the grass much easier and I did some more tree/bush trimming to assist with that as well.  Loki and the boys have been helping by digging post holes in the yard, not that we wanted to put posts in the yard but they think they're helping.

I picked up some lillies to plant in our side flower bed for some additional color and for the hummingbirds, and the two new apple trees and most of our new shrubberies survived the mountains of snow and are thriving.  Things are looking good.

Got an email from Tom Peebles announcing someone's retirement..oh yes, Les Bell, but at least it wasn't another death notification, we seem to be getting quite a few of those.  Sheesh.

Ok, time for coffee...I'll keep you all updated as to the renovations.  Congrats to my niece Francine for yet another beautiful baby boy!

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