Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is Here!!!


It was 25 degrees yesterday, life is good, the snow is melting faster than I can walk, not that that is saying a lot. Almost two months after my surgery and things are still not quite back to normal but I have managed to gain all my weight back...yippeee!!!...not....

We took Jake...much bigger Jake to the beach yesterday and he had a hoot...clamshells to crunch, seaweed to eat, freezing water to play in and oh..the smells...lots n lots of smells...he had a blast, we had fun too although by the end of the walk I was played out.

We're finally catching up on all of our shows that had been building up while Lynn was away, it's amazing how many shows we record in a week. I've discovered Two and a half men which doesn't help, it's been on a long time and there are tons of episodes but it is funny enough to make me laugh so hard I cry...which except for the crying part quite hard to do...

We actually got to sleep with all the windows open in the house for the first time in what seems like forever and boy was it nice...the yellow finches and red finches have arrived...there's nest building galore going on...Robins have also arrived another sure sign of spring.

We got our tax refunds in the mail, that will go a long way to buying next winters firewood and hopefully getting our front porch renovated to move the stairs to the end of the porch. That will mean a lot less shovelling next winter. Gotta plan ahead.

Now we just have to finalize arrangements for Jonathans visit...June or July...maybe we can lure Mark and Mya down for a bit...we'll see how it goes.
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