Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's Next

Now that the renovations are almost complete, we can live like normal people again! It still takes a bit of getting used to, the kitchen is new and so is the layout, so I occasionally find myself opening several doors to find what I need but it is getting easier with each day.

All of this upheaval has put me behind on cataloging my videos, I'm behind probably twenty or more movies. Heck, we haven't even had time to watch a lot of video but once things settle down, I'm sure that we'll have more time for relaxing.

I had always said that acreages take more work than it would first appear and I was right, our lawn loves to grow and it takes quite a while to get it all mowed but then, we're retired, we have nothing but time on our hands :) We trimmed the bushes and trees on the west side of the property so that we can mow under them without being impaled by the branches. I'm going to do the east side when the ground dries up a bit, we had some rain last night. Once that is done it will make cutting the lawn a lot easier. Lynn handles the tractor like a pro but I'm sure that with practice (I seem to be getting a lot of practice) I'll get better.

Lynn now has the opportunity to get setting up her workshop at the back of the garage with all of her tools and new toys, she's itching to build. She already made a tv stand to lift the tv in our bedroom so that it's higher than the foot of the bed and not only does it do what it was designed for, it looks very nice too.

I'm gonna head off to get the mail now and do some stuff in the garage...l8r

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