Tuesday, June 26, 2007


In the second patio photo you can see the tracks left by the Bobcat..they're filling in the valleys alongside the chainlink fence, that way our little four legged friends stay where they're supposed to be. Funny, that we couldn't find anyone to do this before they put in the fence. Denis, the landscaper says to me, of course, I can do that, when I casually mentioned it to him, so of course, he gets even more work. The patio, was quite the production...they dug down a foot, and thirty-six feet across, laid landscape fabric, gravel, a layer of rock and sand mixed with concrete and then a layer of thinly crushed rock. They tamped it down and leveled it at each stage, finally they laid the blocks but nine of them were thicker than they were supposed to be and an off color, so they sent those back and ordered more. These guys are perfectionists to say the least. Geoff would be proud of them.

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